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How do I restart telemetry?

It won’t happen often*, but if readings stop flowing from your Wellntel Sensor to the cloud, the best way to restart transmission is to re-power your Gateway and Sensor.

  1. Start at the Gateway. Unplug it from the wall outlet and leave it unplugged for 10 seconds. Then plug it back in and confirm that the green LED above the Ethernet jack lights and stays lit. (See the Wellntel Technical Overview and Manual for more details about Gateway status.)
  2. Re-power the Sensor. Go out to the well with a small screwdriver and your lock combination in hand. Unlock the lock and remove the Sensor cover. Remove the red wire from the first terminal by unscrewing the terminal screw (counterclockwise), holding the wire for 10 seconds not touching the terminal, and then reseat the wire and tighten the terminal screw (clockwise), taking care not to strip the screw or damage the insulation. It is also important that bare wire between the red and black battery leads not touch during the process.
  3. Hold an ear close to the Sensor, and hold down the + button for 2 seconds and then let go. Do the same thing a second time, listening for a tiny “thump.” This indicates that telemetry is successfully restarted. You can reinstall the cap and lock the system. If you don’t hear anything, try a few more times, and if you still don’t hear anything, consider calling or emailing Wellntel Tech Support (techsupport@wellntel.com).

* Conditions that might interrupt communications include: strong wind or lightning storms, intermittent Internet connectivity, increased humidity or rain, or new obstructions between your Sensor and Gateway.