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  • What can Wellntel tell me about my groundwater pumping?

What can Wellntel tell me about my groundwater pumping?

Out of the box, Wellntel provides static water level insight to well owners. With the installation of the Pump Performance Kit (PPK), Wellntel adds the capability to sense pumping events and help well owners get a feel for how often, and how long, their pump operates. Since pumps have a finite life, this information can be used to improve their water system.

With the PPK, Wellntel can programmed to send an alert when the pump pattern suggests that they might be a problem. When a pump begins to cycle — operate more frequently than it has historically — it is possible that there has been a failure of a switch or a pressure tank in the plumbing system, and, if the condition persists, the pump may be at risk too. Wellntel sees this shift as changes in time and operating patterns and can trigger an alert. Wellntel customers and their services can diagnose and troubleshoot based on actual conditions, not guesses.

The following screenshot shows a pump cycling event. The customer should call a servicer to talk about a possible leak, or possible a pressure tank or valve failure.


Wellntel Pump Cycling