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  • Can I set a fixed IP address for my Wellntel Gateway?

Can I set a fixed IP address for my Wellntel Gateway?

Yes, you can, but be confident in your networking understanding and skills before you try.

First, why would I need to do this?

Network settings are configurable on the Wellntel Gateway, for networks where a fixed IP address, or other fixed settings, are required. A PC, with the correct drivers installed and a USB Virtual COM console is used for this purpose. The interface is a simple text-based interface using a serial terminal application, such as Hyperterminal, RealTerm, or TeraTerm.

If I know I need to do this, how do I go about it?

  1. To use the USB Virtual COM interface, you will first need to install device drivers (download them here) taking care to select the drivers (there are more than one in the library) that are compatible with your PC. (Mac drivers are, sadly, not available.)
  2. Connect to the Gateway using the supplied USB/MiniUSB cable from the PC’s USB port to the Gateway’s power Mini USB
  3. Open a terminal program like TeraTerm. The device should appear as a Serial Comm.
  4. Follow the menu map shown here to set and save Primary IP, Subnet, etc. (Click to open in larger window.)Wellntel Gateway Virtual COM Menu Map
  5. When you have successfully saved the values and fields you need to change (this all depends on your local network), close your Virtual COM, remove USB from your computer and repower the Gateway on your network.