Monthly Archives: September 2015

Understanding the Telemetry Module on your Wellntel Dashboard

The Telemetry Module is a useful tool to ensure successful start up and to support troubleshooting, need be. Here is what you’re looking at, and how to use the information: Things to look for: Healthy Telemetry Generally, entries from both the Gateway and the Sensor should be listed, without duplicates. The Gateway, once up and… Read more »

Sensor Firmware 1.08 Released

Today, September 9th, Wellntel has released Sensor firmware (V1.08) with a number of key improvements: Saves calibration and interval settings even when a Sensor is de-powered. Lower energy consumption in default modes. Improves compatibility with the Pump Performance Kit. We strongly recommend upgrading your Wellntel Sensor to this new software version as soon as possible,… Read more »

What’s on a typical Wellntel Groundwater Information Dashboard?

Wondering what’s on a typical Wellntel Groundwater Information Dashboard and what can you do with it? Organize your wells into sites. View the groundwater levels in your wells on a continuous, zoomable time series chart. View your wells on a map. Compare trends in your well to the area around you. Monitor your Wellntel Sensor’s battery… Read more »

Your Wellntel Dashboard looks different today (9/1/2015)

We’ve made many improvements to your dashboard to make navigation and groundwater and system information easier to get to, posted today, 9/1/2015. They include: Improved zoom support on your groundwater chart Improved time/date labels A new “map” view for single wells, positioned, logically, near your area data chart A new voltage chart to keep… Read more »