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Can I set a fixed IP address for my Wellntel Gateway?

Wellntel Gateway

Yes, you can, but be confident in your networking understanding and skills before you try. First, why would I need to do this? Network settings are configurable on the Wellntel Gateway, for networks where a fixed IP address, or other fixed settings, are required. A PC, with the correct drivers installed and a USB Virtual… Read more »

Why Wellntel leads the Groundwater Information Revolution

It only takes 8 seconds to see why Wellntel is a groundbreaking innovation. Here’s how folks get water levels from water wells traditionally: What’s different about Wellntel? Never open the well again Get the data many times a day, instead of once a year or less View the data in the cloud See area conditions in… Read more »

How do I zoom in on my Wellntel groundwater chart?

Wellntel Zoom

Click and drag to zoom in anywhere on your groundwater chart to zoom in. It works both in the horizontal and vertical scales, and you can study weeks, days, or individual pumping events (if you have installed the Pump Performance Kit.) Zoom out by clicking on the Reset Zoom button. Here’s how: *Note: if you’re… Read more »

SensorLink Software

Wellntel SensorBuddy 105

SensorBuddy is a free PC application intended for use with Wellntel Sensors to enable remote start-up, collection of readings, subsequent upload of collected readings to the Wellntel Cloud, and eventually, Sensor software updates. SensorBuddy is useful as an alternative to a Wellntel Gateway, when Internet connectivity is not available but a Wellntel Sensor is being used… Read more »