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How do I restart telemetry?

It won’t happen often*, but if readings stop flowing from your Wellntel Sensor to the cloud, the best way to restart transmission is to re-power your Gateway and Sensor. Start at the Gateway. Unplug it from the wall outlet and leave it unplugged for 10 seconds. Then plug it back in and confirm that the… Read more »

What kind of radio range can I expect?

The 916Mz radios built into Wellntel Sensors and the Wellntel Gateway are designed to deliver reliable communications in most common rural residential yards and small farms and ranches. Both lab and field testing confirm an transmission range of about 2250 feet, through two common obstructions, like the building that houses the Gateway, uneven terrain, or a… Read more »

How quickly will a Wellntel reading appear on my Dashboard?

As soon as a reading is taken by the Wellntel Sensor, it sends a message to a listening Wellntel Gateway and the Gateway delivers it to the Wellntel Cloud, usually writing to your dashboard in seconds. But there are exceptions: Cloud algorithms are applied to affirm plausible readings or tag readings lacking sufficient data to be… Read more »

Technical Resources and Links

Installation support: What special conditions should I look out for? How Wellntel mounts on a well See a start-up demo (southern style) How to register How to set up alerts Get answers to common questions here. Looking for a resource and not finding it here? Wellntel technicians are available to answer questions during regular business hours. Feel free to… Read more »

What to expect with your new Wellntel

After you’ve installed Wellntel and registered, login to, and you may see the first reading(s). When will I see my data? The sensor’s default settings have it scheduled to take a reading every 4 hours (we call this Timed Interval), and a series of readings when your pump runs and stops, so that you can… Read more »

How does Wellntel mount on a well?

Wellntel North Home Install

On a well seal: A Wellntel Sensor can be mounted on the access port on any common well-seal with a ½ inch NPT threaded opening, and can be lifted out of the way of plumbing fittings using a riser pipe up to 18” long, as long as sufficient venting or airflow is available through either… Read more »

How do I register my new Wellntel?

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to register your new Wellntel Groundwater Information System: Have your Getting Started card with your Serial Code nearby!

Will Wellntel work on every well?

Wellntel works out of the box on most modern borehole wells, after a period of data collection and calibration. But there are exceptions: we call them complex or “out-of-bounds” applications, and discuss them in detail on the Wellntel Technical Overview and Manual. Here are the highlights. Every well is different. Some are deep, some are… Read more »

How long should your Wellntel battery last?

Wellntel Home Static can be powered with either a 9V non-rechargeable lithium-ion battery, an AC adapter, or a Solar Power Kit. If you must measure pump duty and/or take water level readings during pumping, you should choose a Wellntel +Pump Kit, which can be powered by either an AC adapter, or a Solar Power Kit, but not by battery, since battery life will be shortened… Read more »