Monthly Archives: April 2014

The basic dynamics of groundwater

This terrific image by Carsten Egestal Thuesen at GEUS shows the basic dynamics of groundwater, including the impacts of topology and pumping, “layers” of water, from the unconfined to deeper “confined” layers, and the time it takes for groundwater resources to flow and replenish. Read more in the Ground Water and Surface Water: A Single Resource,… Read more »

Waterweek 2014 sponsor a farmer, naturally

Waterweek 2014, an event designed to “advocate for national policies that advance clean and safe waters and a healthy sustainable environment” was held in Washington DC this week. Its primary sponsor in Congress, Bob Gibbs (D-Ohio), during his speech to watertech leaders, explained that he was a farmer first, and depended on wells and groundwater… Read more »

#WaterWeek2014 calls Team Wellntel to Washington DC

The “Culminating event of Water Week 2014 will highlight and celebrate progressive solutions to our nation’s most pressing water challenges.” There, Wellntel will join other water innovators — Xylem, ImagineH20, Pave Drain and GE Water — to share ideas and solutions. We’ll showcase Wellntel’s novel technology and citizen-centered approach to a sustainable groundwater future. We’ll… Read more »

Name change not a joke: Bookmark Wellntel.

Since @Apple owns the letter “i”, we decided to give ours up. How’s that for nnovation? Wellintel is now @Wellntel. — Wellntel (@Wellntel) April 1, 2014 Wellintel is becoming Wellntel. Expect changes over the next few days. Our new web address will come online. Our Facebook page will change. Our email addresses will… Read more »

April Fools. Not.

April 1st seemed like the best day to go public with the news that: Wellintel is becoming Wellntel. Seriously. No Joke. April fools day, aside. We’re dropping the “i.” It’s a long story, but suffice to say, Wellntel will not be confused. Ever. Here’s our new logo: And in the next few days, you’ll see… Read more »