Our Team

Wellntel Co-Founders Marian Singer and Nicholas Hayes

Marian Singer and Nicholas Hayes, Wellntel co-founders, have been equal partners for 12 years in a consulting firm (www.fivetwelvegroup.com), conducting qualitative research for R&D and business development to Fortune 250 companies, including GE, Schneider Electric, ITT, Bucyrus, Johnson Controls and others. They built a blue-chip client list and a reputation for speed, creativity, and effectiveness. Most of their work focused on the trend toward smarter machines/processes in energy, heating/cooling, mining, manufacturing and of course, water.

The duo has spent many years studying the global water business; more recently, focusing on groundwater exploration, access, contracting, financing, regulation, costs, operations and the global and local conditions that drive its use and threaten its sustainability.

"Know one knows what's going on down there."

Seeing a dearth of information about groundwater creating large financial and societal risks, they chose to shift their business direction by investing in a multi-year development project to complete the technology/field work that informs Wellntel’s novel technology and model and to launch Wellntel. They interviewed groundwater experts on four continents, studied the water well business, catalogued the regulatory landscapes in 50 states and 20 nations, invented new ways to find and use water quantity information, and become experts in the risk/opportunity faced by people who use and depend on groundwater. Their plan is to help people who need groundwater to it make it sustainable.

Wellntel has assembled a powerful team of technical and commerical experts for its product and business design:

Technical Team:

  • Dave Garner, Electrical Engineer, Technology Team Leader
  • Thomas Varghese, Software Engineer
  • Keith McMillan, IT Architect
  • Dale Raymond, IDSA, Industrial Designer, DesignLift, LLC
  • Tim Grundl PhD, Professor, Chemical Hydrology, UW Milwaukee - Dept of Geosciences
  • Joe Fillingham PhD Candidate, UWM School of Freshwater Science
  • Kevin Spexarth, Marquette Law, Patent and IP Support
  • Keit Fam, Software Developer
  • Dr. Norm Miller, Professor of Geography, U-C Berkeley (Nobel Prize co-recipient)
  • Raj Singh, PhD Candidate, U-C Berkeley
  • Dan Watts, Sr. Electrical Systems Engineer
  • Bob Taylor PhD, Retired Professor, Geophysics, Sonar and expert in seismology